3 August 2012

I know I late almost 2 day with the speedpaintig video but I was busy. Today I could edit it so here is the resault!
I hope you like it! :)

1 August 2012

As I wrote, I made another video during I was painting this pic. It's also a quick stuff. I made it in 2-3hours.
I will upload the video tomorrow.

29 July 2012

I made this quick painting to test my screen recorder. The recording was successful but  after then somehow I deleted the video. So the picture is here and  I hope I can upload a speed-painting video next time

18 May 2012


This HQ interior concept was painted for a Hungarian advertisement.

You can see how it’s look like finally.

15 May 2012


 The first teaser of the short ORIOL VANDELA - GRAVITY FALLS

Oriol Vandela is the last great jazz icon on the dyeing planet. Gravity falls his song about loss and hope, has become the unofficial anthem to the people of the planet. Before Oriol gives his final performance at the prestigious Heaven's Vanguard, he must first come to terms whit the heart-breaking tragedy that inspired his greatest hit.

14 May 2012


I drawn this picture's sketces about a year ago and then I haven't been working on it. But I found the sketches a few days ago and I started to paint again.
Now it's complete and I hope You like it! :)

12 May 2012

Good news!

I am working on a short animation film Oriol Vandela which is played in the world of Henry Waltz. I made mostly concepts and backgrounds so far. The project is not finished yet but I can share some of my works. If you want to see more about Henry Waltz check these sites:  > www.henrywaltz.com  < and > www.facebook.com/henrywaltz <

13 January 2012

The Industree

My ex-classmate asked me to paint a picture, because she needs works of another artist for her school project. The theme was optional but a hand must have appeared.  I decided to choose the pollution within human responsibility as a theme. I think, this is an important thing recently. We had better avoid  the exploit nature, therefore we have to speak about it.
So, here is my painting against the pollution.
I hope you like it!